Infosec Game-Sense

You can learn a lot just by following these people (my personal opinion)


Developing a game-sense in cybersecurity is something you can't do on your own, specially if you're just starting in this field. Personally I think knowing how to think, predict and act when facing cybersecurity difficult situations is as important as having the technical requirements to resolve the issue.

In this blog post you will find a list of people who helped me personally during 2020 to build a mindset for cybersecurity whether with a blog post, a video tutorial, an open-source project, a conference talk or just by sharing their thoughts. These people are absolutely worth following and, whether they know it or not, helped me a lot just by reading/watching their stuff.

Agents of S.O.C

As a junior SOC analyst the following people shaped, in many different ways, my point of vue of a SOC/SIEM environment and how can I approach solving related issues.

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DEATH Specialists

Detection Engineers And Threat Hunters is one of my favorite lists where you can find some low-level approaches to building detections and hunting for malicious behaviors.

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The RevEngers

Reverse Engineers and Malware Analysts are definitely always on my watchlist.

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The Forensicators

The DFIR community, the mother of all, where nothing is really deleted or hidden and when everything is on fire, they're the ones sent in.

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Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence analysts, they have seen it coming from miles away.

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Red Angels

You can't protect it if you don't know where & how it can be attacked. These people helped me in many ways to grasp many aspects of attack techniques in order to provide and build better detections.

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Cybersecurity Blogs

In this section I tried to put a list of one of the best blogs out there (IMO) for researching and studying for both offensive and defensive purposes:

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