Building an Open SIEM From Scratch
I have used Elastic Stack few times whether in a Threat Hunting Lab or Detection & Behavior analysis contexts. This series of blogs is about sharing what I learned in the process.


Building a SIEM based on open-sourced solutions can be particularly challenging but also much more fun. In this article series I will try to share how can we overcome some of the basic challenges that we may face during building such toolsets like:
    Data normalization.
    Event collection and processing.
    Alerting : Time-based vs Event-Centric correlation
    Visualizations and Dashboarding
    SIEM metrics and reporting
I will be using the following tools:
    Elastic Stack: Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, and Beats for collecting, processing, storing, and searching data.
    OpenDistro for Elasticsearch plugins for Alerting and Security.
    ElastAlert for additional alerting features
Last modified 9mo ago
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