About Cyb3rSn0rlax
"Snorlax is very lazy, responding only to food and sometimes a battle. Snorlax's main advantage is its huge defensive capabilities, with very few attacks"
I am a security defender, and this is me learning new things, sharing insights, and making mistakes. With the help of this blog I will be documenting my training journey to become a DEATH Specialist (Detection Engineering and Threat Hunting)
Iโ€™m interested in different security fields especially DFIR, Threat Hunting and SOC engineering also extracting, understanding, and simulating adversariesโ€™ techniques.
  • I am learning so expect mistakes
  • I've just completed 3 years in the field so expect misjudgments and lack of wisdom ๐Ÿ˜…
  • Problem solving and solution engineering is my passion not particularly cybersecurity.
This is a small attempt from me to contribute to the defensive side of security. you can find me on twitter @CyberSn0rlaxโ€‹
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